Live Life To The Fullest

I look at her standing in front of me. The sun is shining on her body. Adrenaline rushes through my veins. I haven’t been excited like this for a while. She looks beautiful. I touch her head and slowly move my hand down. She replies my touch with a faint moan.

Funny how things go.

I all started this morning. I woke up from a woman’s scream. Finding myself on a couch wearing nothing but my shorts. Trying to remember where I was I looked at the woman staring at me.

Crap, I thought Eugine would drop me off at my place.

Smiling at Eugine’s wife Nadia, I tried to locate my pants.
“What are you doing here?“ I said with a dry mouth.
She shook her head and laughed. ‘Dutch, I thought you where the smart one. Will you please get dressed before Pewter sees you?’

I nodded.

She walked towards my pants, picked them up and handed them too me. “Care for some coffee?”

I nodded again.

As she walked into to kitchen I quickly put my pants on. Stumbling through the room I try to find the rest of my clothes. A few minutes later I entered the kitchen. Young Essig is sitting at the table playing with his food. I watch Pewter unfold a massacre on his Fruit Loops. Milk spilled on the table as he tries to crush all the purple ones with his spoon.

“So, did you find a job yet?” Nadia asked, while handing me a cup of coffee.
“Still no luck.” While Pewter tries drowning all the orange cereal pieces I tell her about my recent job interviews. As I finish my story I see that Pewter has started eating the yellow cereal pieces with a fork. “Don’t give up John, Just follow your dreams”

I looked at her standing in front of me.

Two hours later I stand in my apartment. Removing my hand from her body I smile. I pick her up and turn on the power switch from the small amplifier.

Let’s rock!