Our story

Every story has a beginning. Some are never-ending. And the road to nowhere is muddy at best. 


Scotch & Cookies is a collection of (sometimes chronological and successive) satirical stories that revolve around the lives of childhood friends John ‘Cookie’ Dutch and Eugene ‘Scotch’ Essig, in which together with their family and friends (in supporting roles) they struggle to stand upright in a society where everything and everyone seems to want to bring them down… and make them act normal. *shudder*.


In the beginning, this site was a simple blogspot page, meant to be a one-man-ranting-blog about life and why it sucks at times called ‘Salt in my coffee’. When I talked about the project to my childhood friend (‘Cookie’), he liked what I was doing and it didn’t take him long to accept my offer of authorship.

Even though our tales are drenched with satire, they are based on true events in our lives. We were young adults when we started writing and this was a fun way for us to put these (sometimes impactful) events into perspective. The site’s name is derived from an old bedtime story stereotype; milk and cookies. We just replaced the milk with ‘scotch’ to indicate that our stories definitely are not rated PG-13.


These stories have been written on-and-off since january 2009. Wow, we’re starting to feel old now. 


Oh, and though my friend and me voice the two main characters and their lovable supporting cast, please note the following: These tales are works of fiction and all likenesses to actual people and events are purely coincidental. In your case, that is. 

We hope you’ll have as much fun reading these stories as we had fun writing them. 



Scotch & Cookie