To make rummaging through the lives of John and Eugene a bit more accessible, their stories have been divided into different sagas. Many stories in 2009 and 2010 can be read as the origins of Scotch and Cookies, starting with ‘The ignorance of morning dew’.

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  • Scotch’s tales – Tales from the perspective of Eugene ‘Scotch’ Essig.
  • Cookie’s tales – Tales from the perspective of John ‘Cookie’ Dutch.
  • Dragonmaster tales – Tales revolving around our fictional game studio and/or the development of our prize-winning video game saga ‘Dragonmaster’.
  • Dear diary tales – Tales written like diary entries (and revealing our deepest, dirtiest secrets in the process).
  • Qwitter tales – Short, twitter-like tales (albeit a bit longer) with out-of-the-blue rantings. We kinda dropped those in 2010.
  • Reviews – Something we tried. And dropped.

*Disclaimer: Cookie may end up stalking you out of gratitude. Should this happen, just throw a penthouse magazine his way, he’ll then lose interest soon enough (he’s oldskool).