The Inglorious Truth For The Glorious Bastards

MR Stiglitz…

Quentin Tarantino, what in the name of the holy man upstairs have you done? I believe you succeeded in two things others couldn’t. First you made a War movie and you put a smile on my face, en secondly I have never seen this kind of revenge against the Nazis before. I got to hand it to him, bravo, my compliments. Quentin Tarantino is a director with a clear vision of how movies should look like. And i got to say he delivers, it is the first time since al long period of time that i have seen such a complete and detailed movie. 

First we have to take a look into the filmography of Quentin Tarantino, he brought us the intense Reservoir dogs, then he made his ultimate masterpiece Pulp Fiction, after that he made Jackie brown which now  favours a cult status (I Agree). Then the hugely entertaining From Dusk Till Dawn came out of nowhere, damn that was a good movie, Vampires, blood and more vampires what more do you want. As you can see a variety of movies this man has made, but finally the time has come for his ultimate masterpiece The Inglorious Bastards, a movie he worked on for almost a decade and it shows. Every little detail, the overflow of different languages, the action set pieces and of course the dialog, its all done by a genius, and puts this one between the classics instantly.

Lets talk about the opening sequence,
 “Case in point, during the opening sequence the Nazi “Jew Hunter” SS Colonel Hans Landa (Christian Waltz) is interrogating French dairy farmer Perrier LaPadite (Denis Menochet). Landa suspects that LaPadite is hiding a family of Jews. While subtly pressuring LaPadite, Landa asks for a glass of milk. After greedily gulping it down, Landa compliments LaPadite on his daughters and his cows, “à votre famille et à vos vaches, je dis bravo.” The thing of it is, in French “vache” means cow, but it is also a vulgar name for the vagina. If reprimanded for this vulgar pun, Landa could quite convincingly claim not to understand French well enough to have meant it that way, but Landa does mean it that way and he means it as a threat. And LaPadite understands his meaning all too well.”
By spoiling this scène, it cannot misguide you in anyway, because this was only the beginning and its far from the end.

But lets explain the title, Mr Stiglitz, it resembles a man, who doesn’t need any words to explain what’s going to happen next. Particularly one scene in a basement, the only thing I got to say is, keep your eyes on Stiglitz. Because he is going to f**k somebody up.  During this particular scene there was so much going on, that everybody forgot about mr Stiglitz, so they missed in my opinion, one of the highlights of this movie, period.

Quentin Tarantino among all other things, is an entertainer. WWII, is one of the most tragic events in history, but Tarantino some how manages to make it fun. Inglourious Bastards is a fun film, it’s tremendously entertaining, shocking, dramatic, suspenseful, and funny at the same time. Jam packed with everything you look for in a movie, done with that certain Tarantino style, it’s worth being checked out. It’s time to experience for yourself what war is like through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino. Steven Spielberg, even though I respect you very much, but eat your heart out because this is how WWII should look like. Like Brad Pitt would say, Arriverdecci.

This is a definite “Jean Claude van DAMN! It’s good”

Lets end this history tale by saying “When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher’s knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn’t out collecting for the Red Cross”