Bait With Balls

Early this morning, Cookie called. He had found a job as a game designer for our favorite game series: Dragon Master! To celebrate, he invited me to a fishing trip.
He arrived at my house in a big-ass car which made me wonder what kind of job he’d gotten himself really into. There was no way it could be game designing; it had to be drug smuggling. I thought it over for a minute and resisted a chuckle. Either that or he had gotten himself a huge bonus for orally pleasuring his new boss.

As it turns out, Cookie had rented a small motorboat at a huge fishing pond outside of New York of which he told me he had visited a couple of times before. It didn’t take us long to equip ourselves with basic fishing gear and head towards the small island in the middle of the lake. Once on the island, we set up a spot on the shoreline. Like every self-respecting American, we’d brought a few beers with us to get into the fishing mood.

About an hour later we’d emptied most of the cans, but hadn’t thrown out a single line yet. Cookie looked at his watch, gulped down the last of his beer and giggled. Further along the shoreline a bunch of hot looking girls appeared from out of the shrubs. They were naked. Hastily, Cookie grabbed his gear, hissed that he was going to check for a great fishing spot further down and that I should stay put. Obviously really drunk, he disappeared into the shrubs. I felt lightheaded and bold, but had forgotten about the girls. They noticed me and started waving. A little shocked I returned their greeting after which they motioned for me to come closer. What the fuck. I cursed my drunkenness , shrugged to no one in particular and made my way towards them.
The girls introduced themselves and told me the island was a favorite sunbathing spot for the local gay and lesbian nudist community. In my mind, I started to see the pattern of Cookie wanting to go on a fishing trip at this exact location and the regular presence of many hot-looking, naked girls. I mentioned the beers we’d brought onto the island and took the girls with me to the spot where Cookie and I left our stuff. Then, a couple of buffed men swam towards the shoreline where the girls had been and grabbed some of the towels that still lay there. They waved to us and the girls enthusiastically returned their greeting. It struck me as odd that the men did not approach us, but spread out their towels and started sunbathing instead. Still quite drunk, I shrugged again and took a sip of my beer.

From the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw a magazine being thrown from the shrubs a few meters away from us. It landed next to the men. It turned out to be the latest issue of ‘Playgirl’. One of the body builders looked around, picked it up and, to my surprise, started to read it with a lot of enthusiasm.  Even though I was still drunk as hell, I started to understand what was going on. Then, a fishing line with something attached to it landed near the men. The body builder with the magazine picked it up and showed it to his friends.

It was a condom.

I heard a soft chuckling coming from the shrubs and at the same time a drunken voice mumbling the words ‘hello, naked girls’. With growing curiosity, the gay bodybuilders followed the fishing line as Cookie started to reel it in. The terrified yell he let out after screaming the word ‘balls’ made me snigger.

Cookie taught me a lot about fishing today. Most important: the bait is the key. I’d have to write that down sometime.