Sleep Tight

Follow us on Qwitter!It’s late and I can’t sleep again. A quick peek to my left tells me that Nadia hasn’t got any trouble getting a good night’s rest. Granted, her snoring did give that away too. This time, it isn’t some stupid thing I did that’s keeping me awake, though.

It’s the fact that tomorrow will be my first day as the head story writer of the revived Dragon Master franchise that makes it unable to fall sleep. That, and the fact that my new boss is none other than my childhood friend Cookie.

Cookie as a manager… it’s still taking me a lot of imagination power to get that image burned into my brain. I’m curious to see how drunk he’ll be sitting behind his large, mahogany desk tomorrow morning.

A few minutes of thinking in silence passed. Then, I heard what was probably Pewter who was getting his first orgasm.

This was going to be a long, long night indeed.