Follow us on Qwitter!My first day as the head storywriter for the new and revived Dragon Master game series was a total success. I have to admit that I had my doubts about it at first, but it turned out to be a total cakewalk after all.

I was taking babysteps and started with the fundamentals. Since the original game developers got a little older since the start of the series, I’d noticed that there was one crucial thing the most recent dragon master game lacked: over-the-top violence. Granted, it had that ‘ripping off legs’ kind of vibe, but that seemed to be more because of the dropping sales numbers than anything else. Kids want violence, game developers want to sell games. Thus, the thought of opening a can of fresh violence wasn’t such a bad idea. But the one thing that made the early games of the series flourish wasn’t ‘just’ the violence; it was funny violence.

Because let’s face it; there’s no better way to bash someone’s head in than doing it with a smile.

Cookie, however, did not have such a great day as the new CEO of Far From Finished Game Studios. As it turned out, he had to do a lot more than just sit behind his desk, smoke cigars and invite sexy young ladies over for job interviews. No, all the paperwork, budget issues, monthly ratings almost made his head pop. During lunch I stepped into his office and the first thing he did was slam the door and shout:

Babysteps, John. Babysteps.