I wake up with a huge headache. A feeling that is way too familiar Keeping my eyes closed I press the palm of my hands on the sides of my head. Smelling what seems smoke, I open my eyes.

As an unfamiliar ceiling appears before me, a voice speaks next to me.

“Ah, good thing you are awake sir. I have a few questions for you.” I turn to see a man in blue standing next to me. Slowly I look around,  to see I am laying in a hospital room. “Fuck.”

As I franticly try to remember what might have happened, I hear the officer speak about the fire at my company. He then asks me if I have any idea as how the fire might have started. Since the last thing I remember at the office was Janice’s breasts and a fish. I reply. “No?”.

The officer continues asking questions about the fire and other things. I answer them as best and polite as possible. Finished and seemingly satisfied the officer wishes me a good recovery and leaves the room.  As I watch the officer leave, a familiar face appears in the door opening. Even with her hair a mess and eyes still red, Janice still manages to make a beautiful impression.

“Bonjour, John. Can I come in?” I nod.

“How are you feelin’?”

“Much better now that you are with me.” I reply.

“Oh, John. Alors… Did you tell the police what ‘appened?” Janice asks.

“Not really. Can’t really recall what happened. They just told me the building is as good as…”

“What is the last thing you remember?” Janice cuts in.

Since saying boobs and fish doesn’t make much sense. I reply. “Looking at you and….” I look at Janice trying to figure out what to say next, when she starts talking.

“An explosion, Oui?” Thinking what’s the safest way to continue. I nod.

“Oh, Dutch. As I told the Police. Some guy ran into the office”

“Some guy?” I respond.

“Yes. Some person who… does not like our violent games.”

“Did they catch him?”

“Non” Janice says with a sad voice.

As it looks like Janice is about to start crying, she suddenly lifts her head and looks at me and smiles.

“But you save me John.”

“I did?” I say, still trying to figure out when the fish is going to make its entrance.

“Oui, you did. The guy threw a bomb into the office and you jumped at me to protect me. Don’t you remember?”

I think about what Janice just said. Rescuing her like a true hero does sound like me.

“Yeah” I nod.” “Yeah, I do remember I wanted to protect you from harm. But then it kind of goes black”

I see Janice’s face light up.

“So, then what happened?” I ask.

“You, eh, like pushed me to the ground and then there was this explosion. When I looked up again you lay on the floor unconscious and there was fire everywhere.”

“So that’s what happened” I say nodding.

“Oui. And then I carried you save outside.”

I look at here puzzled. “Well, eh, Eugene also helped.” Janice quickly replies.

“Ah, I see. Thank you, Janice for also saving me.”

She laughs. “Merci, John. You should rest. I will  see you soon.

I look at her as she walks out of the room. In the doorway she turns around and looks at me with a devilish smile. “Au revoir, John.” And disappears.

I close my eyes. “I wonder what hero name would suit me”