Barry Michaels

Even though he lives in the suburbs of NYC, Barry Michaels is filthy rich. The only reason that he hasn’t bought himself a castle is that it costs a fortune to maintain, and he hates spending his money. Instead, he uses his fortune (by inheritance, mind you. the man hasn’t worked even a single hour of his puffed up existence) to show off against his financially struggling neighbor, Eugene ‘Scotch’ Essig. Michaels loathes spending money, but he’d give the last penny in his wallet to see Scotch squirm. And all that only because our bald hero made a humurous comment about his peculiar hobby, namely impersonating celebrities (at which he stinks).

Both Cookie and Scotch often clash with him in hilarious situations, where – more often than not – Michaels eventually bites the dust. Pride can be a bitch.