I Had A Dream

Monday morning. Laying in my bed I look one more time at the alarm clock.


It’s strange how fast things can go. Last week I was still looking for a job. And today I will start working at Far From Finished, or short FFF. The game company that created the famous Dragon Master series.
Yes things finally started looking bright again.

Apparently the CEO’s from FFF is an active member of the Wikipedia community in his spare time. One of his activities is looking at new wiki entries. And while he banned my account and deleted my entry. He also sent me an email inviting me for a job interview.
And so a few days later I walked nervously into the building hoping to get my dream job.
As walked towards te cute receptionist, I looked at the big motivational poster that hung on the wall behind her. ‘The more you know’ was written under a picture. A picture of a wiki page. My wiki page. A little confused a told the receptionist about my interview. She blushed and giggled as she called the CEO and asked me to wait.
I sat down and started to think the worst. ‘Was this some joke? Am I here so they can all have a good laugh?’ As I started to wonder how I should take my revenge, a man walked towards me.

‘I see you discovered your page on the wall’ He said. ‘Bill Stoneman’ he continued as we shook hands. ‘I hope we can come to an agreement, otherwise I probably have to take it off the wall’ he said smiling at me. ‘John Dutch’ I replied. ‘I hope to win more than half the battle today’ I said with a smile.


Nine more minutes until the alarm goes off. Nine more minutes until the beginning of a new age. The age of the Dragon Master.