I Am The Guy With The Gun

Jaw hurting, tongue still bleeding, I pressed an ice pack against my face. That damned kid almost broke my jaw with a game controller. I watched the little brat, as he made a pistol with his hand and pointed it at some blood on the chair. My blood.

“Boom”, he shouted.

Laughing, he looked at me and pointed with his hand at my face. “You can never defeat me.” Repeating the words he must have heard a hundred times tonight in our attempt to beat Mr. Bubbles.

Mr. Bubbles, the final boss in the ‘Dragon Master With A Blaster’ game. And what a game it was. A prequel, telling the story on how Bubbles and his water ninja clan infiltrated your village. And so one day, while you and all the other village men were gone. Fighting the epic battle against the army of the Dark Dragon lord in a country far away. He and his clan did not stay behind to protect the people in your village, as he had sworn. No, he drowned the elderly. And then raped and killed all the women and children to complete his ritual with ‘Thodanos the Black Water Dragon’ to become immortal. Mr. Bubbles the face of evil . Oh, yes I wanted revenge.

“Can I hit him on the head for doing that?” I asked Eugene. “Someone needs to teach him some manners”

“He’s just a kid. It’s all a game to him” Eugene answered. With a grin on his face he walked towards the hallway, telling me he’d needed to find something to remove the blood. I could hear him laugh as he walked up the stairs.

I turned around to see Pewter standing in front of the television having a virtual shootout with Mr. Bubbles the water ninja. “Just a game” I mumbled. With my face turning numb from the ice, I tried to figure out why we, No I, could not beat the final boss.

When I saw the taxi Nadia called for to bring me home, stop in front of the house. I discovered the water pistols I brought along with me. Grabbing them, I walked into the kitchen and filled them with water. With pistols in both hands I walked back into the living room and aimed at Pewter and Mr. Bubbles.


Eyes wide open, Pewter looked at me as I lay the pistols on the table. I picked up my Dragon Master jacket and walked towards the front door. As I opened the door, Eugene came walking down the stairs. A bucket of water in one hand. A bottle ‘Vanish Action Powder’ in the other.

“My taxi is here.” I answered. Thanking Eugene, and asking him to tell Nadia that I am sorry for the mess. I enter the taxi. As the taxi drove away, I looked inside to see Pewter standing in front of the television. Water pistols in his hands, aiming at Mr. Bubbles.

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  2. Hey Michael, thanks for the suggestion. I just saw the news article, as well. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to fit something about jackson’s death in my next story (he was bound to show up @ scotch & cookies someday, anyway) ;)

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