Real Heroes… (Part 1)

Looking at the ever growing number of mails in my inbox. I lean back in the chair that belonged to my boss a few days ago. Al Pacino was right. ‘It can happen. Any given Sunday.

It was the usual Friday morning at work. I was Enjoying a good cup of coffee, while listening to my colleagues exchanging their plans for the weekend.
‘John. There is a great Metal band playing tonight. You’re coming with us?’ Matt, one of our programmers asked me.

Before I could even answer, Wong our lead 3D-designer cut in. ‘No, John. If you want to listen to bad music while drinking a lot for free you should come to my uncle’s Karaoke bar. I can probably make a deal.’
As they started arguing why Metal concerts where for gay bikers and karaoke is for little girls, our Manager interrupted them. ‘ Guy’s playtime is over, I need you all in the conference room upstairs.’
‘ For what?’  I asked. ‘Don’t know John’ he replied. ‘But it is something important and everyone needs to be there now.’

Acknowledging his request I took another sip from my coffee and stood up.
The conversation about what was the best thing to do tonight had already changed from, “what kind of girl is better” into a liquor discussion. And now I had to give my thoughts on what tasted better. American or Japanese beer. As We made our way towards the conference room I told them that it depended on the situation. ‘But more importantly.’ I continued. ‘ Whatever you choose, you should check their ID before you start drinking. Because the Cops don’t care what you have been drinking.  Neither are they impressed  that she has a tattoo or is only dressed like a Gothic Lolita.

As Lee, confirmed these wise words with his own personal story. I could only smile listing to his story, while thinking about that time Eugene walked away with this cute girl. She looked a little young. But hey!  Her ID said she was 18. Although she had blue eyes on the photo and black hair. But since no one else minded it. And we were in a bar.

As we entered the room our laughter stopped. Not only our CEO was standing there. Beside him where also some other nicely men dressed in three-layer suits. All smiling way, way too happy.

Looking at my colleagues I saw they all thought the same. Thing’s looked bad. (To be continued…)