One Last Winter Gloat

Follow us on Qwitter!Winter is almost over. Thank goodness. I was getting sick, tired and depressed of this cold, icy weather. But last week the first rays of sun broke through the gray clouds. That made me feel good. It also made me realize one thing in particular; my ‘winter fun’ would not last. Hence, I decided to do one last winter gloat.

John has never been that much of a sportsman. But… he knows he should exercise more often. I decided to encourage him. I convinced him of the fact that running was great. That it made your muscles grow 2 inches a week and that ladies love a running man. I can only snigger at the thought of John sitting behind his computer at work, trying to soothe his aching muscles with an overload on coffee.

Ahh… I’m going to miss winter fun.