Eugene ‘Scotch’ Essig

Eugene ‘Scotch’ Essig is the lead storywriter of the fictional Dragon Master videogame series at Far From Finished Game Studios. He’s a true metalhead, married and has a 19-year old son of… questionable intelligence. That aside, his life is about as exciting as watching the 24-hour tree channel.

To spice things up, he learned to embrace sarcasm and lame pranks. It was because of his cynicism and natural ability to see the humor in all things that got Eugene the nickname ‘Scotch’; strong with a full taste of life, but also a hint of bitterness. Eugene finds himself in constant rivalry with his rich and condescending next-door neighbor, Barry Michaels. How the rivalry started? Eugene likes to fart on a man when he’s down, so to speak… and his childhood friend John ‘Cookie’ Dutch often takes it one step further.