It’s Christmas Time…

“there’s no need to be afraid. At christmas time, we let in light and…”

With a thump, my slipper hit the radio in the corner of the room. Paul Young’s voice died off immediately. Nadia looked into my direction and sighed.

“What? Don’t you get sick of the same songs over and over each year with Christmas? I just couldn’t take it anymore. Can’t we put on something else?”

Nadia shrugged. “Sure. Just make sure it’s fit for Christmas. No noise today, do you hear me?”

I mumbled something in the vein of ‘yeah, yeah’ and walked up to the radio. It took me a while to find a channel that was to Nadia’s liking. I still found it lacking, though. Eventually, I gave in and stopped when I found a classic rock channel.

Cookie suddenly stood up from his chair and turned up the volume.

“It’s time for a heavy metal christmas!” he grinned and banged his head together with Pewter, who’d left the dinner table as well.

“I told you, no noise! I…”

Merry christmas, folks.


Scotch and Cookie.