I Believe

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People all over the world believe in all kinds of stuff. Some believe in God, Buddha, Allah; others believe in Satan, Lucifer or Malebolgia. Whatever. I think people should be free to believe in anything they want.

For example, Cookie believes that women have been brought down to earth by god. Now, from the point of view of a Christian, that would not seem so weird. I should add that Cookie believes them to be created solemnly for his sexual desires. Having said that, it’s kinda creepy to know that there are hordes of sexy women applying at FFF Game Studios to be Cookie’s secretary. Note to self: keep an eye on Nadia when she is going to ‘hang out with the girls’.

And me? I believe in people. People all over the world. I believe in myself. A smalltime metal band called Manowar captured my thoughts exactly. Yes, I believe.

Besides, Manowar kicks ass.