Happy One Year!

Follow us on Qwitter!Hey, you! Hey! Are you awake? Slap yourself in the face. Feel that? Good. You’re awake.

Don’t mind me. It took me a while to wake up, too. Because… it’s Januari 2nd! Whoohoo! A whole new year to rant about. Plus there’s some good stuff from the past year that hasn’t been covered yet. But I’m not writing this to throw mud. No, I’m actually writing this because I came to a shocking conclusion this morning. When I woke up, I suddenly realized that Scotch & Cookies celebrated its first anniversary yesterday. Yep, no shit.

Scotch & Cookies was created on January 1st, 2009. The original concept was actually meant to be something entirely different, namely a one-man show called ‘Salt In My Coffee’. But as Scotch’s enthusiasm grew, so did that of a good friend of his. This friend became the voice and face of John ‘Cookie’ Dutch, as he still is to this day. Somewhat later, another author joined the crew and voiced Felix ‘Cat’ Brice. With all this enthusiasm, we decided to broaden the concept a bit. To create a place for adult humor. Tales of Scotch & Cookies; funny and cynical stories for adults! And now the TV crew and all people involved in the process of coming up with ideas for our show (there’s a lot of great ideas on the table, you’re all in for a treat real soon!!)…

Alot has happened the last year, but It seems like only yesterday that the first story was published.

We loved creating Eugene ‘Scotch’ Essig, John ‘Cookie’ Dutch and Felix ‘Cat’ Brice… and we love writing stories and making videos! I hope we invoked that same feeling of excitement with you; the reader. Because Scotch & Cookies is an ode to you and everyday life all around you. We’re devoted to making you guys (and girls!) forget about all the bad stuff and daily routine by writing power-trip stories which pull all of those things into the absurd. And with that, we also like to bitch about bad movies, or praise good movies as we see fit!

Speaking of movies, maybe you already noticed… but we’ve made our first steps towards the ‘big screen’, ourselves. If you don’t have the slightest clue of what I’m talking about, then check out our trailer. But beware, viewer discretion is advised ;)

Anyway. I can tell your head is still aching from all the alcohol (or has it always been this ugly? ;)), so I’ll keep it brief.

A happy new year to all of you and we hope that Scotch and Cookies can continue to give you that chuckle during your morning coffee, that poke in the side when you’re feeling down or that pat on your shoulder to remind you of how pathetic special you are.

Thank you for your undying support! I now raise my glass to a new year of Scotch & Cookies; happy 2010!!

On behalf of the entire team,