For those who are not familiar with the DragonMaster series.
Here the first part of a review on the first DragonMaster game to refresh your memory.

The game cover
The game cover

The first DragonMaster game was released in 1988 on the Commodore 64 by Jenova. The music was created by Yoshi Hidoki.

The game was a massive text based adventure game. It was critisized for its violent graphics and story. But for that same reason it was worshipped by a small group of fans. The game gave you the option to name your own character. There was a 8 character lenght limit.

The story starts with you and your fellow warriors returning home after a battle. It doens’t really tell what had happened, only that things didn’t go well.

The game starts with you on the road towards your village. There are a few decisions you can make before actually reaching your home village. Some will even lead to your death. Reaching your home you discover that all the villagers have been brutally murdered with the exception of a little girl. Again, there are other scenarios possible. There is an option where you find false evidence and so set a quest for revenge against the wrong people.

Your first steps toward an epic journey

The actual villain is the leader of the wind clan. Named Aeris. In the end you will catch up with her in a port town. Where she is on a boat, trying to leave the continent. By torturing her before actually killing her you will find out she was part of a larger scheme. If you end the game by just killing her the game would hint for the other ending.

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