Avenged Sevenfold


Not quite the word to shout when 3 gay bodybuilders are walking towards you.
Even worse when you are standing there in just your shorts and some shoes on.
The guy with my Playgirl in one hand smiled and tried to grab me.
Knowing that it was too late for words now, I knew I had to resort to another solution. With a kick that would even make Lawrence Tynes blush. I hit the guy in his balls.

Shaking my head to make sure the alcohol was not causing any illusions, I saw the guy was still standing straight up in front of me. Looking angry at me he dropped the magazine and cracked his knuckles.
Stepping back I managed to dodge his fist. Before he could strike again. A shiny glistering iron piercing in his right nipple, caught my attention.
I grabbed his nipple piercing and pulled it off. A loud shriek as the guy fell to the ground. I saw his friends looking terrified at me, then at their fallen comrade. Before their fear turned into rage again, I ran away. Running, falling and crawling up again I made my way towards the boat. As I reached the place we had docked I could hear them closing in on me. Jumping in the water I swam to the boat and climbed on. As I tried to start the engine I could see them run towards me.

40 meters.
I pulled the cord. ‘Figures’ I think. ‘ The engine doesn’t start.’ I try again. The engine sputters but still nothing.
30 meters.
I can hear their shouts pulling the cord again.
20 meters.
The first guy reaches the water. I can see the bloodlust in his eyes.
10. meters.
I pull the cord a final time. Relief as I hear the engine start.
Full throttle I sail away, leaving 2 angry guys behind in the water.

Since the only valuables I left on the island where my clothes, Eugene and my pride. I decided it was best to go back to the shore. No need to get myself into more trouble. Especially since I have to go to work tomorrow. After I had docked and walked towards my car. I received a message from Eugene, telling me he would go back on his own. Replying with a request to bring along my clothes I get inside the car.

20 miles later, I open my car window. ‘Good day officer’ I say as Franky goes to Hollywoods’ “Relax” sounds through the speakers.
‘What seems to be the problem?’ He looks at me with cold eyes. ‘Well, for starters’ He replies. ‘Could you tell me why you are only wearing shorts?’

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  1. awesome story n crack me up on that~~~why are you wearing only shorts xD~~~i be going blushing mode if i were the police officer xD

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