Far From Finished Game Studios

Far From Finished Game Studios: The hottest fictional game studios in the world. I’m talking like, ‘Rockstar Studios, Bioware and CD Projekt Red are cool, but they still suck balls’ big! Situated right at the edge of the beautiful Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, John and Eugene (and their team of… probably a lot of employees, we have yet to count them) rewrite gaming history with their continuation of the legendary Dragon Master 2D fighting-rpg-puzzle-hack n’ slash game series.

Y’all waiting for the next Red Dead Redemption, GTA or Mass Effect iteration?

Don’t. Wait for Dragon Master (but… be prepared to wait for quite a while).

And yes, those are the only true Ghostbusters, whose HQ were also located in NYC. They were a huge part of our childhood and still rock.