Meet ‘Cookie’

John 'Cookie' Dutch

About the author:
When ‘Scotch’ asked me if I wanted to help him evolve the internet, I gladly accepted his invitation.  On a side note, I actually have no writing experience. Sue me.

About John Dutch:
Where Eugene sometimes shows a hint of bitterness, John Dutch is as sarcastic as they come. John lives, and has always lived, by the saying ‘that’s the way the cookie crumbles’. This philosophy earned him the nickname ‘Cookie’, but also took away his first-ever job, most of his friends, his immense collection of Masters of the Universe action figures, his collection of Penthouse classics… but that’s for another time.

The Tales describe Cookie’s success story that is as unlikely as it is absurd: an unemployed goof of a man becomes the CEO of the hottest fictional Game Studio in the world – Far From Finished! Cookie’s childhood friend Eugene ‘Scotch’ Essig works with him as the lead story writer in the acclaimed Dragon Master video game series. But you know what they say: once a goof, always a goof… even when you’re a CEO.