Meet ‘Cat’

Meet Felix 'Cat' Brice

About the author:
I have a great job, I’m happily married and very proud of my wife and son, I’ve got awesome friends… what more could a man want? Right. Good movies! I’ll give it to you straight: I’m a movie and a game freak. Combine these two and you should get the ultimate combination, right? Sadly, this is almost never the case. Thus, for this particular reason (and many others), a new fictional movie critic was born.

About Felix Brice:
Felix is me. That’s how simple it is. Using an author name just suited the setting for Scotch & Cookies. Loads and loads of modern movies just annoy the crap out of me. What happened to movies of the caliber ‘Godfather’, or ‘Hard Boiled’? Commerce took over, that’s what happened. And this spawned a lot of crap I just won’t take. This cat is going to show its claws.

Let’s get this show on the road. I am here to tell you “the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god” about movies; to tell you what’s cool and what’s not. Every time when I post a review I will give it a score, which will be one out of 5 different grades:

  1. Please god, burn the negatives
  2. Maybe your grandparents like it
  3. It should have been what it could have been
  4. There is still hope for humanity
  5. Jean Claude van DAMN! It’s good