Meet ‘Scotch’

This is me; Eugene Essig, creator of Tales of Scotch & Cookies.

About the author:
I actively started writing stories in the late 90’s. My first steps into the world of internet publishing were taken in 2004, when I joined the crew of internet metal monster From there, things went on a roll. I started writing columns, which, over the years, eventually resulted into the development of the Scotch & Cookies concept. And here I am, delivering some online humor and cynicism to your doorstep.

About Eugene Essig:
Eugene Essig is the lead storywriter of the fictional videogame series Dragon Master. He’s macho-minded, married and has an 11-year old son of… questionable intelligence. That aside, his life is about as exciting as watching the 24-hour tree channel. One tends to get a little cynical after having endured dullness like that for a while. It was cynicism and his natural ability to see the humor in all things that got Eugene the nickname ‘Scotch’; strong with a full taste of life, but with a hint of bitterness. Eugene finds himself in constant rivalry with his rich next-door neighbour, Barry Michaels. How the rivalry started? Eugene likes to fart on a man when he’s down, so to speak… and his childhood friend John ‘Cookie’ Dutch often takes it one step further.

Hatemail, loveletters, spam? – suck it, biatch.

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